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35 years of searching excellence

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Our Search Team

All our analysts are educated to postgraduate level in a science or engineering discipline, and have been trained to have a thorough understanding of searching techniques and patent language. Our experienced supervisory staff provide the essential on-the-job training. Analysts take courses from the WIPO Academy. Victor Green & Company is also supportive of the Qualified Patent Information Professionals (QPIP) programme and we supplement our internal training with the skills and knowledge required by the QPIP syllabus. Staff are committed to a Continuous Professional Development programme to ensure we are always at the forefront of IP information. Many of our searchers are capable in non-English languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish and Tamil. Their searching expertise covers every major subject area and technology in the following sectors: Chemistry, Electronics, Engineering and Life Sciences.

Our Analysts

Victor Green

Victor Green has worked in the field of patent and technical information for over 35 years. The range of technical information work he has carried out and supervised over the years has covered every branch of technology. His experience in online searching is extensive. He has degrees in Applied Mathematics & Physics (University of Cape Town) and Philosophy & Psychology (Birkbeck College, London). Memberships include the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals and British Patent Information Professionals.

Sonia D'Souza

Sonia D'Souza joined Victor Green & Company in 1996. She has a BSc Honours degree in Biochemistry from the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, and an MSc in Immunology from University College, London. She plays a significant role in our work in biotechnology and has extensive experience of searching pharmaceuticals.

Davinia Collyer

Davinia Collyer joined us in October 2004 having obtained a BSc Honours in Biomedical Materials Science at the University of Manchester and whilst completing a PhD at Cranfield University on sonochemically formed microarrays for a disposable, electrochemical chlorine sensor. As Principal Patent Analyst: Life Science & Biotechnology, she leads our biochemical and biosequence search capability and her experience is particularly relevant to the increasing flow of work on biomedical devices. She obtained her certification as a Qualified Patent Information Professional (QPIP) and was awarded the (QPIP) Susan Helliwell Award in July 2022.

Alessio Brizzi

Alessio Brizzi joined Victor Green & Company in October 2014 whilst completing a PhD on electronic engineering with the Antennas and Electromagnetics Group at Queen Mary University of London. His doctorate was on the characterization and modelling of millimetre wave propagation for wireless body area networks. He has Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Pisa, Italy. He is a qualified teacher in Italy and the UK and has worked as a reviewer for Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Antennas and Propagation Letters and Antennas and Propagation Magazine. He is now the Principal Patent Analyst for Electronics.

Leila Shariff

Leila Shariff joined the search team at Victor Green & Company in July 2017 after completing a Ph.D in Chemistry at University College London on reverse native chemical ligation as a new entry to cyclic peptide therapeutics. Prior to that she obtained an MSci in Medicinal Chemistry at UCL, which included a dissertation on metal-catalysed additions of boronic acids to alkenes.

Kaj Mahendiran

Kaj Mahendiran joined the company in 2018. He obtained his Biomedical Science BSc at King's College, and his MSc in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at Birkbeck College.

Joanne Kirkwood

Joanne Kirkwood obtained her certification as a Qualified Patent Information Professional (QPIP) in July 2022. She graduated from the University of Nottingham with an MSci in Chemistry and rejoined the company in January 2022 as Principal Patent Analyst for Chemistry. Previously Joanne worked at J A Kemp as their Patent Search Manager and began her career at Victor Green & Company. Her particular area of expertise is small molecule searching as well as having experience of pharmaceuticals and formulation technology.

Nivedha Radhakrishnan

Nivedha Radhakrishnan joined in January 2022 as an analyst in the Electronics team. After completing her MSci in Physics, she worked as a postgraduate researcher at the University of Glasgow on the fabrication of single electron transistors. She then gained experience at Venner Shipley as a trainee patent attorney, specialising in the fields of data processing, mobile telecommunication, and semiconductor devices. Her background has also included a year as a special education needs (SEN) teaching assistant as well as certificates in Machine Learning and Data Manipulation with Pandas.

Subject expertise


  • Alloys
  • Chemical engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Cosmetics and detergents
  • Environmental technology
  • Fuels
  • Materials science
  • Metallurgy
  • Pharmaceuticals and pesticides
  • Polymers
  • Printing and inks


  • Automation and robotics
  • Business processes
  • Computer software and engineering
  • Consumer & industrial electronics
  • Control systems
  • Electrical and electronic engineering
  • Home automation
  • Information technology
  • Internet of things
  • Internet-enabled technologies
  • Lighting systems
  • Measurement technologies
  • Medical technologies
  • Mobile telephony
  • Optics and photonics
  • Payment systems
  • Security for computers and communications
  • Semiconductors
  • Telecommunications


  • Aeronautics
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration
  • Animal husbandry
  • Automation and robotics
  • Building and construction
  • Conveyors and sorting equipment
  • Disability aids
  • Environmental technology
  • Exercise equipment
  • Food and drink
  • Machine tools
  • Magnet technology
  • Measurement technologies
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical devices
  • Medical technologies
  • Oilfield and pipeline technology
  • Packaging and containers
  • Paper and textiles
  • Power generation
  • Printing
  • Process equipment & engineering
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Vehicle technology

Life Sciences

  • Antibodies and vaccines
  • Biofuels
  • Biotechnology
  • Diagnostics
  • Life sciences
  • Medical devices
  • Medicine, surgery and prosthetics
  • Pharmaceuticals and pesticides