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How can a thorough patent search help you gain a granted patent? Analysts at Victor Green & Company investigated this issue by studying oppositions filed against European patents, see the latest issue of The Global IP Matrix for details.


Over the past few weeks, we have been represented at several IP conferences in the British Isles: London IP Week, London IP Summit, Marques in Dublin, AIPPI and IP Law: Europe Summit in London.


Where can you find expertise in the blockchain area? Our analysts have considerable experience in this area and would welcome the opportunity to help you with your requests. There is a growing interest, that is accompanying the steep rise in patent applications in blockchain technology. Different types of data can be added to a blockchain, from cryptocurrency, transaction and contractual information to data files. The WIPO magazine commented on this trend and the EPO dedicated a conference to blockchain technologies and their impact on patenting. See "Talking about a new revolution: blockchain".

We were represented at the *INTA Annual Meeting, which was held in Boston, US from 18-22 May 2019. If you were able to attend, we hope you grabbed one of our distinctive marker pens, from the Northon's Media, PR & Marketing desk. To see more about the event, go to the Northon Gallery.


Are there any tools that can invent and create, locate prior art or draft a patent specification? Analysts at Victor Green & Company investigated the patent landscape for patent management technology. There seems to be increasing commercial interest in this sector, see our article ‘Patent analysis of patent management tools’. A shorter version of the article appeared in The Global IP Matrix, 3, p30-31, Jan 2019. A search strategy was devised to retrieve patents and patent applications on digital technology and data processing. The strategy was run in the PatBase database and the resultant set was viewed with the PatBase Analytics module.

The subject matter of the set included tools for managing patents, for processing the patent lifecycle and for dealing with legal disputes. There were inventions on patent portfolio management, business strategy tools, value assessment methods, crowd funding platforms to secure intellectual property (IP), trading tools and auctions for IP. Other cases covered computer generated inventions, automatic patent filing, location of prior art, formalities software, reminder systems for renewal fees, methods for determining patentability, systems to grant patents, prediction systems and information disclosure statement management. There were also tools for licensing arrangement software and identification of potential patent infringement. The left hand image shows the jurisdictions with the most patent filings in this area and the right hand image shows the top 15 keyword clusters.

Our article about this patent landscape appears in Global IP Matrix, and the magazine was available at The Global Intellectual Property Convention (GIPC) January 2019 in Bangalore, India.

The magazine can also be seen at the Nordic IPR 9-11 April 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Northon's Media PR and Marketing represented us at Annual Oil & Gas IP Summit, in London 26-27 February 2019.

In September 2018 Northon's Media PR and Marketing represented Victor Green & Company at two IP conferences, the 32nd MARQUES Annual Conference in Paris and the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) World Congress in Cancun. At AIPPI there was a wide range of panel sessions, such as The Briefing: Hot topics in IP, which included the Unitary Patent and global efforts in substantive patent law harmonization. Another session covered Artificial Intelligence - the real IP issues, in sectors from healthcare to finance, telecommunications to marketing, and transportation to genetics.

An article from Victor Green & Co "Unearthing the Russian Mole", described how patent information work is sometimes more colourful than one would expect.

In a memorable enquiry about a Russian device called the "Magic Mole", a great deal of detective work was required to find the answer. The Magic Mole was the subject of a US patent and our client needed to prove they were not infringing the patent claims by the sale of a similar product. We were able to identify an expert witness and the case was settled. See our article here and in The Global IP Matrix, 2, p7, September 2018.

A new intellectual property magazine "The Global IP Matrix" was launched recently and included information about services offered by Victor Green & Company. Carlos Northon, the Managing Director of the magazine said, "We are delighted to launch Northon’s Media PR & Marketing at INTA* 2018, especially our new and exciting IP magazine The Global IP Matrix .


Northon's Media PR and Marketing will represent Victor Green & Company at the following two IP events in September 2018, MARQUES and AIPPI.


Victor Green & Company was represented at the INTA* conference in Seattle from 19-23 May, by Northon's Media PR & Marketing.