Victor Green

35 years of searching excellence

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Costs & Timings

The cost and turnaround time of a search depends largely on technical scope and difficulty. We therefore cannot quote fixed prices and times that will cover all circumstances. However, we are happy to provide free estimates of cost and completion time upon receiving basic information of your requirements.

We can also work to specified budgets and deadlines by devising strategies that allow for the maximum knowledge to be obtained within the budget and timeframe.

An adaptation of our approach called Convergence Searching enables us to offer budget novelty searches at a cost currently set at £600. Convergence Searching comprises carrying out highly focussed class, keyword, or combination searches through selected sources, and using promising results as the springboard for extending the search within the allotted time.

We are usually able to turn around requests quickly and every effort is made to meet even the strictest of deadlines. We can provide the exact date on which clients can expect to receive their results.

Most requests for the supply of patents and recent technical literature can be dispatched the same or next day and older technical literature documents within two days.

We can assure clients that the cost and timescale will be discussed and agreed before any work commences.